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Bet Types:

Bets are binary in type, bet outcomes are restricted to either true or false. A sample bet could be "LA Lakers will win their next game on August 25th, 2029.", any person accepting this bet can choose one outcome.

Bet Outcomes:

The outcome of each bet will be determined by one of our administrators as specified in our Terms of Service. 


Payout winnings are sent immediately after a bet ends & the bet outcome is verified by our administrators. (1-3 Days). 
All winnings are subject to a 25% host fee to
Payouts are paid to your Cash App Bitcoin Wallet.

Refund Policy:

Once bets are placed and bettors paired, funds are required to be transferred to Placed bets are non-refundable, with the exception of affected bets due to unforeseen circumstances. An example would be "The Laker's game was cancelled due to bad weather", which would be grounds for a refund.